The journey begins – Moving for dummies

The journey begins – Moving for dummies

Hi dudes and honeys, how are you all doing?

I’m doing fine, if you were wondering. By now I’ve tried to write an introduction to this post for about an hour. But the truth is, I don´t really like beating around the bush. So let’s jump right into it, shall we?

If I where to put a table on this post, I´d call it a story time. I know, I know. I’m new to the blogging game. I don’t really have exactly what one would call “a community” yet. I probably should start with something truly valuable, something random people would want to read, perhaps something helpful, just to get people to notice me. Because let’s be honest, no one cares about my life and my stories, yet. And I’ve tried, believe me, I really have. But that’s just not what this blog is. I was going to go into this direction eventually. I’ve just decided to speed things up a bit. So if you’re not interested in some 19, soon to be 20, year olds stories, well, then you should probably leave now and never come back. But if you are, be my guest.

Today is Sunday. Sunday the 6th of October. It´s probably not anymore. But it was, when I first started to write on this. It was the 6th of October. Which means five weeks have passed since I moved to Vienna. That’s a whole month. I’ve been here for a whole month. Well actually, I’ve not. I moved my stuff here on Sunday the 1st of September, but I didn’t stay. I took off that very same day. Stayed in my hometown for a whole other week, took the train to Vienna and again, stayed for a week just to, yes again, take off the following week. And so on. Summed up I’ve actually lived here in Vienna for about 3 weeks. That’s almost a month. Still a lot. Doesn’t feel like that at all. In fact, it feels like I moved here yesterday. But I might also just have PTSD from that experience.

I once red somewhere that moving is the most stressful event in a persons life. After having had to move all of my stuff to a city 368 miles away, I can totally, with absolutely no doubt, confirm that statement. Not only is it mentally exhausting, no it fucking kills your body as well. And if you’re as weak as I am, well then fucking good luck! Cause guess what, shit´s heavy! In my case, I really had to push my weak body, really I cannot emphasize enough how weak I am, to its limits.

You see, I live, well no, I used to live, in a very old building. And there is one thing old buildings do not necessarily have. You might have already guest it. I’m talking elevators. We do not have an elevator! I had to carry every single moving box from the 3rd floor to the basement. ALL. BY. MYSELF. It took me fucking two days. Not because the boxes were so heavy. Now don’t get me wrong, they weren’t light either. But that’s not it. No. You see, after running up and down the stairs three times, my legs would completely give up on me. Leading to me having to rest for at least one hour to regenerate my energy.

Now, you may ask yourself:” Irrelevant, how much fucking stuff did you bring?” Well, let me tell you, it was a lot. I know that now. At the time, I really thought that I’d need all of those things. But I did also think that I was moving out for good and that I´d be staying in Vienna for the next 15 years, at least. Well, that changed quickly. What can I say, I’m a fucking moron. As of now it looks like I’m only going to be here for one year, so I pretty much fucked up. But that’s a whole other story time.

Now if you’re here for some advice on what to pack and what not to pack, then you’ve finally reached the relevant part of this post. If you’re really only here for the story, wich I highly doubt, you might want to skip the next few paragraphs.

I’m going to tell you what I brought and if that was a good idea or a very, very bad idea. Spoiler alert: Most of them were bad ideas. I should probably point out that what you’re going to need an what not, kinda depends on your living situation. I live in a 10 square meter room, share a bathroom with another person and have a community kitchen. The whole floor shares one kitchen. If you’re moving to college and do not have a kitchen, then you probably won´t need any kitchen supplies. If you’re moving into an apartment, you might have to bring stuff to decorate. And of course if your soon to be home is unfurnished, you’ll might go ahead and bring at least an inflatable mattress. Or don’t. Its really not my place to judge.

That being said, this is what i brought:


Clothing – This might sound surprising but I didn’t bring all of my clothing. In fact, this was the perfect opportunity for me to clean up my closet. Still, what I brought was to much and I am planning on slowly bringing the stuff I don’t wear back home. Try packing only the things you really like and wear and that go well with different pieces. You might not want to hear this, but the truth is, your closet is probably not going to be as big as you’re used to.
Bed sheets and towels – Don’t forget them. For real. Don’t. It happens easier then you think.
Toothbrush – IDK there’s not really much to say about this one. You need it. Bring it. That’s it.
And that’s all you need to survive, to be honest. So if you’re a minimalist, this is your packing list.

Here´s the not live or die stuff I brought:
Iron – would recommend it, is really useful to, you know, iron stuff.
Small mirror – would recommend it
Books – if you like reading bring some, not ALL! They’re heavy and you’re gonna end up not reading them anyway.
Laptop – VERY USEFUL!!! Especially if you are a student. You’re going to need it.
Lamp – would recommend if you do not have one, otherwise don’t bring it. Its just gonna take up space.
Glass Water Bottle – Very important if you have a community kitchen. Otherwise you’re gonna have to run to the kitchen every time you want some water.
Multiple Plug Socket – VERY RECOMMENDED. Maybe bring also a plug strip just to be save. A lot of rooms only have one or two plugs and that’s definitely not enough.
Hair dryer – Also very important in my case, it tends to get very cold in Vienna so air drying is definitely not an option.
Painting supplies – now here’s something you’re not gonna need for sure. Except you really like painting, then go for it. But think twice before packing them. They´re for sure gonna take up a lot of space and again you´ll probably not gonna have a lot of storage room
Nespresso machine – DO NOT BRING.
Clothing hangers – VERY MUCH NEEDED
Photo album – well. I think you know what the answer on this one is. Just use your brain, cause I most certainly did not.
Photo camera – Bring it! If you’re in to photography and like taking pictures, bring it!. It doesn’t take up much space and will really come in handy.
Printer – that really depends on how much space you have on your car or moving device. I personally find it to be very useful.
Kitchen supplies – If your kitchen situation is similar to mine, then you’ll need one of everything: one plate, one bowl, one little spoon, one big, spoon, one knife. (…) What you’re not going to need is a glass. You have your water bottle.
Oh and also my stupidness brought food an detergent in order to not have to buy it with my own money. BIGGEST MISTAKE I`VE EVER MADE.

For those of you who came here for the story time: You may want to start reading again.

As you see, it was quite a lot of stuff. Since both my parents didn’t have time to drive me to Vienna, I had to ask a friend to bring me. Shout out to my friend at this point. Really saved me. And as I already mentioned, I had a lot of stuff. Now, to understand the following, you must know that my friends father has his own company. And this company has a transporter. A very, very, very old transporter. Basically, we had to choose between driving for 7 hours straight in a comfortable range rover or in a transporter that doesn’t even have a radio or a functioning AC. The obvious choice would have been the transporter, of course.

But, again, I had a fucking lot of stuff. I had so much stuff, that it wouldn’t even closely fit in the fucking car. Do you get what this is leading up to? Yes, we had to take the shity transporter. SECOND BIGGEST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER MADE. I think its save to say, that I really learned a lot of things on this trip. For starters: do not bring food. Or don’t bring your foot album. But the one that will always stick out in my mind is: don´t drive a transporter for 7 hours straight to a city you’ve never driven in. Especially when the driver has only had his drivers license for 2 years. That´s just… Just don’t do that, okay? Don’t.

I have to admit though, that I was very surprised about how well everything was going for the first couple of hours. We weren’t arguing at all. By we, I mean me, my driving friend and the other one, who also had to get to Vienna. Wich is strange, to tell you the truth. Because we´re all a bit, IDK, noisy? Yea, I think noisy describes us pretty well. But for some reason, we were really calm on this trip. Except for one minor inconvenience.

We were trying to find the McDonalds on the highway and the none driving friend was supposed to to lead the driving friend to it. The non driving friend got distracted and we took a wrong turn. This lead to a small, almost normal volumed argument between those two. Fingers may have been pointed, words like “stupid” might have been said. But it´s not like they started punching one another in the face or so.
Anywho, this small inconvenience led to us getting on and off the highway over and over again, until we finally got to our destination: the McDonalds. As you can see, everything turned out to be alright. The boys got to eat and I got to stay in the car for 30 minutes, all by myself, enjoying the peace of loneliness and watching Netflix.

And that was about it. Except for that, rather quiet, noise we began to hear. But we were almost in Vienna at that point, so we simply decided to don’t give a fuck about that.
We parked the car, or as I like to call it, the garbage on wheels.
The only thing I have to say about this part of our journey is, that it´s not easy to park a garbage on wheels. Find the right parking garage and everything will turn out alright. It may not be easy, but it´s doable.
We spent the night in a hotel, in order to unload the transporter first thing in the morning. Wich we did. Now at this point I should have gotten suspicious, because there is just no way in hell that everything goes so smoothly on such a trip. Not If I’m part of it. But I did. We unloaded the transporter and headed back home.

Are you by any chance familiar with the weather conditions here? If not, let me explain it to you. Our weather here is as unstable as I am. And I´ll fo from laughing to literally crying in 2 sec.
Now picture this: You’re on the highway, driving the garbage on wheels. Except it´s not you who’s driving. No, it´s your friend. But not any friend. It´s that one friend who always drives a bit to fast, a bit to reckless, a bit to dangerous and a bit to illegal, so that you feel a bit to unsafe. Do you know who I mean? We all have that one friend. So your friend, who likes speeding, drives a little faster than the garbage on wheel might handle. But that’s ok. because after all he went out of his way to drive you. So you sit there, quietly, and fear for your life.
The weather is fine. There are some clouds, but it´s not like you can’t see the sky anymore. No. There’s this harmless looking cloud directly above you. And that’s it. But as I said, it really doesn’t look like it would do any harm. It´s not one of those dark clouds so, you should be fine. Shouldn’t you?

You shouldn’t.
Out of literally nothing, rain starts fucking pouring. Within seconds it gets so bad, that the only thing you can see on the road, are the blurred brake lights of the car in front of you. You are not able to see the car itself, let alone the road. The only thing you can see literally are those very, very blurred lights. And that’s only when you really concentrate.

Got the picture I tried to paint for ya? It was fucking scary. And it went on and on like this. Every time we would get out of a rainy spot, we would find ourselves back in another one 10 minutes later. It seemed like we were stuck in some sort of endless loop. And then we got out. We finally got to a location where the weather wasn’t an issue anymore.

Have you ever concentrated yourself so hard on something, you kinda blurred out the rest of the world? You ever got out of the stream of consciousness and realized, that there was music playing the whole time, or that someone was talking to you or, perhaps, that there was some sort of noise. The entire time? Because guess what we realized as soon as we weren’t afraid for our lives anymore? The noise from the previous day was back. Only this time, way louder. After trying to ignore the noise for half an hour, we decided to get off the highway and check on the noise. The tires where fine. The motor was fine. The brakes where still there. Everything seemed to be alright. But also, we didn’t and still don’t know shit about cars, there could have been a serious damage for all we knew.

My friend then decided to call his dad to see if the noise was by any chance some normal feature of the garbage on wheels. The garbage on wheels had a lot of those “features” to be honest, one being a piece of the roof hanging off of the back. But all of those “features” gave the transporter character, or at least that’s what my friend tried to make me believe. And according to his father, it was in fact one of those character building things. And also, the garbage on wheels had been to the mechanics only a few weeks prior, so everything should have been fine. We got back on the road. Not that we had any other choice. We had to get home somehow after all. And as the noise got louder, my speakers did too. Until they died on us. The battery was empty. And at this point the transporter was shaking so hard, I started getting seasick. I’m not kidding. I was counting down the minutes it would take for it to completely give up on us. Do you know how in cartoons, when the car brakes down, every singe piece of it falls apart to the ground? That was literally what I thought was about to happen.

But it didn’t. We got home save. The transporter did not break down that day. We didn’t get stranded somewhere in Austria. We got home save and on a decent time. End. of. the. story.
We went on to live our lives in a normal way.
The garbage on wheels got a full check up. The brakes weren’t properly attached.
Yes. We were risking our lives.
Yes. We could have died.
But we didn’t.
We survived.

And this honeys and dudes, this is my moving story.

Stay classy, stay healthy, stay basic,


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