Hi, Hello, Whats up? Welcome.

Hi, Hello, Whats up? Welcome.

Hi dudes and honeys. How are you all doing?

You’re new here? Don’t worry, I am to. This is actually my very first post. But you might have already figured that out by the fact that this is the only post on this blog. And if not, well then there couldn’t be no better place on the internet than this blog for you. So welcome everyone and welcome myself. Before we begin, let me introduce myself.

My name is irrelevant and I’m a, currently still but not for very much longer, 19 y.o. student. I’m not a celebrity, I’m not an influencer, I don’t have any money, I don´t even have a special talent or skill or some sort of superior knowledge on a topic and most certainly i am NOT a wonderkid. Even though sometimes I wish I was all of those things or at least had some sort of talent, I’m not and I don’t. As you see, I am irrelevant and therefore my name is irrelevant.

But enough of the things I’m not. Here is what I am: I am you. I am that boy/girl/other/both/doesn´t-want-to-be-put-in-a-box/human-being that is sitting, standing or simply breathing at home, on public transportation or somewhere on this world and is reading this. I am a totally normal person, who lives a totally normal live. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Hah, you wish! Because, you see, the funny thing is, as normal as my life might be, it´s kinda not. You feel me? Can you already relate? Because even though I live a pretty ordinary life, when I look back at my day at night, I notice that there is always at least one thing that went so fucking wrong, it´s almost surreal. So I’ve come to the conclusion that either:
a) I’m just a failure and have no clue how to be a functional human being or
b) life is fucking hard and no one tells you how to handle it or
c) it´s a bit of both.

But either way, I’m making tons and tons of experiences, some of those are funny, some of those are sad and some, well some I don’t know how to label or where to put them. But they all have one thing in common, they are all relatable. And I am going to share every single one of them with you.

So those are the hard facts about me and my current situation. I am 19 y.o. s, this is my first post and I am already repeating myself. I’ve just moved out from home into a big city, wich is far away form my home town and frankly I have no fucking clue what I am doing. And this dudes and honeys, this is my journey. So would you care to join me? It´s gonna be so much fun, I promise!

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Stay classy, stay healthy, stay basic,

with love,


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